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Fall 2019

ED 870 – Capstone Seminar
Dr. Matthew Koehler, Aric Gaunt, Brooke Thomas

In this course, students created a portfolio to represent their work and time spent in their chosen master’s program. Throughout the semester, I worked on creating this very website, in addition to compiling evidence of my work. Another aspect of the portfolio was the creation of three essays to help readers and the student alike to identify goals, reflect on the past, and ultimately provide a layout for the reasons for the creation of such a portfolio.

EAD 878 – Education in the Digital Age
Dr. Steven Weiland

In this course, students explored the world of digital media in education. It is without a doubt that we are in a place where the internet is here to stay. Therefore, with the help of articles, videos and content provided, student were asked to identify ways that we could incorporate digital media into our classrooms. Additionally, students were asked to consider the pitfalls and cons that must be taught to students as they grow up in a world vastly different than even the world in which we grew up in.

Summer 2019

CEP 820 -Teaching Students Online
Dr. Anne Heintz

This course focused solely on how to use technology to teach students. Particularly, in this class all participants were asked to explore different content management systems (CMS) and then ultimately create their own course using a chosen CMS. Within each course, students were expected to create content, evaluation systems and provide sufficient evidence that such a course would be viable.

KIN 856 – Physical Bases of Coaching Athletes
Dr. Anthony Moreno

This course explored the world of the human body, specifically with regards to how it moves. Dr. Moreno considered each layer of the body, from soft tissue to bones, allowing students to better understand the interaction between different facets. Students ultimately were asked to create a strength and conditioning program for a sport and position of their choice, addressing the concerns of safety and injury prevention, while also helping potential student athletes make gains in their physical preparedness.

Spring 2019

CEP 817 – Learning Technology through Design
Elizabeth Bolt, Bret Staudt Willet

In this class, students were asked to explore different methods of design. This included anything from every day designs (such as the cell phone or even parking signs) to more complex learning designs. After examining a variety of designs, students were then asked to come up with their own design to promote learning in his or her field of choice.

KIN 868 – Skill Development in Athletes
Dr. Andrew Driska

Ever wonder why we use cones in sport? In this course, Dr. Driska introduced students to the constraints-led approach to teach them why they should NOT be using cones in practices. Furthermore, students learned ways to manipulate constraints in order to benefit their athletes.

Fall 2018

CEP 813 – Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning
Colin Gallagher, Bret Staudt Willet

This course introduced students to different theories of assessment. First, students identified current assessments and were asked to evaluate different pros and cons of each. Throughout the course, students identified and revised a “checklist” so to speak, to help evaluate future assessments that they may create. Ultimately, students left the class with a greater understanding of assessments and how to create and evaluate their own.

KIN 855 – Psychosocial Bases of Coaching
Dr. Andrew Driska

In this course, students went beyond the X’s and O’s of sport and dove deep into the psychological aspect of playing. Topics covered included that of a flow state, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, as well as how to structure a practice to get the most of athletes mentally. Students also participated in two labs which included observation of another coach, to help him or her better understand how athletes react to different methods of coaching.

Summer 2018

ED 800 – Concepts of Educational Inquiry
Dr. Steven Weiland

In this opening course, students explored the history and future of educational inquiry. Students explored all kinds of concepts including philosophical, psychological, biological, historical, biographical, and ethnographic concepts. Throughout the course, students submitted 6 papers identifying with different time periods and concepts of inquiry.

KIN 829 – Safety and Injury Control 
Dr. Jessica Wallace

Throughout the semester of this course, students explored the realm of safety and injury control in the world of sports. This included a macro outlook, from examining whole school’s facilities, to a micro outlook, examining a single player’s movement to determine risk. Furthermore, students learned how to assess and manage a variety of injury situations, to prepare for the worst possible experience with the best possible outcome.

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