Throughout my life I’ve worked to find my purpose. Indeed, I even have the words “leave a legacy” tattooed on the side of my ribs. What does this even mean, though? Ultimately, I hope to leave this world with something that lasts not only for my generation, but for generations to come. Two areas of my life that have been important to achieving this have been coaching and teaching.

While they intertwine frequently as a physical education (PE) teacher, there are distinct differences between helping athletes during a practice, and helping students discover new movement paths. Fortunately, over the past year or so, I been able to research, study and implement a variety of methods. Below you will find a showcase of this work (red buttons), divided between Coaching and Teaching.


Perhaps one of the most important skills in any sport is shooting. Without scoring, you simply cannot win. In this paper, I studied and developed constraints that would allow a player to increase their shooting form. Better shooting form = more goals scored = more wins. This artifact displays this acquisition of knowledge and skills to help my team be successful in the offensive end.

Before coaches can think about winning, we must think about protecting our players. Indeed, part of coaching is preventing injury. As such, I created this pamphlet as a guide to all coaches on how to prevent one of the most dreaded injuries: the ACL tear. I researched and gathered the most relevant information for a quick “how-to” for all coaches. This artifact shows my skill of injury prevention, not just of the ACL, but of major injuries in sport.

Sometimes, players need a different perspective in order to understand their craft. In this assessment, I place the student in the role of the teacher. That is, students are asked to “coach” their teammates in a skill, after which they are evaluated by themselves, their coach, and their teammates. This artifact demonstrates my ability to create and implement a self- evaluation for the benefit and perspective of my players.

As mentioned, scoring is crucial in any sport. But how do you go from scoring by yourself to scoring within an offensive scheme? You must have “curriculum” just as you would in any class. With that in mind, I created a lacrosse offensive curriculum, so that as a coach I can effectively get my team to where it needs year in and year out, regardless of the turnover of players! This artifact shows my knowledge of a lacrosse offense, but also my ability to implement one.


I created this mock course to help build my skills in online coursework design through a chosen Content Management System (CMS). Not only did I come up with the curriculum for a physical education class based on California standards, I also worked hard to create an online platform that would facilitate learning. This course was a hybrid course, or one intended to be taken both online while students met in-person with the teacher periodically. This artifact shows my skill of creating an online class.

*In order to access this course, you must register on and use the course access code: FCNS-32JK-4MXDD*

Sometimes as teachers, we forget that every student is different. Indeed, every year we have a similar starting point and ideal ending point, with a curriculum to get us there, but we must be concerned with who we’re teaching, not just what we’re teaching. This is an example of a character profile, where I take a deep look at one of my many players, trying to better understand their weaknesses and strengths (both physically and mentally), so that I could better serve them as a teacher. This artifact shows my skill of gathering and analyzing student learning preferences to better their education experience.

Perhaps one of the greatest things I’ve learned is to keep on learning. Throughout the years I have not only soaked up information, but I’ve taken the time to try new things, too. For afterall, what information is useful if we don’t use it? In this writing, I take a deep dive into how my coaching (and ultimately teaching in PE) has developed over the past few years. This artifact demonstrates my skill of identifying and growing my own coaching practices.

As a teacher, I love coming up with new ideas to keep my students engaged. When trying something new, however, I need to make sure that there is an effective assessment linked to the activity. Therefore, I created a checklist that I can run through to confirm the effectiveness of a new idea. You’ll notice different colors, which represent the changes I’ve made over time. This artifact displays my skill of creating and implementing effective assessments.

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