Liz Hogan

K-4 Physical Education Teacher, Coach, Advisor

Bay Area, California

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My career, and my life for that matter, has been shaped by sports. From competing in the backyard to competing for our national team, I’ve learned many of life’s lessons. As my playing career inches towards its end, however, my passion to educate today’s youth through the use of sports has only increased. As you’ll see throughout my resume, I’ve used my passion of lacrosse to open the door to a larger role in physical education. While I never imagined being a teacher growing up, I can’t imagine any profession in my future.


Sacred Heart Schools, AthertonAugust 2016-PresentK-4 PE Teacher, Advisor, Coach
2Lacrosse, LLCApril 2016-PresentFounder and Owner
Sacred Heart PrepJanuary 2016-PresentAssistant Coach- Lacrosse and Golf
Stanford UniversityAugust 2014-October 2015Defensive Lacrosse Coordinator and Goalkeeping Coach
Virginia TechJuly 2013-July 2014First Assistant Lacrosse Coach
Colgate UniversityJune 2011-July 2013Second Assistant Lacrosse Coach



First Aid and CPR | Concussion in sports | Sudden Cardiac Arrest | Heat Illness Prevention | Fundamentals of Coaching

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