Leave A Legacy

Goal Reflection Essay

Leave A Legacy

It’s hard to believe that my journey as a graduate student is about to close. After all, it feels like just yesterday that I put the final touches on my application to Michigan State University (MSU) in hopes of being admitted into their Master of Arts in Education (MAED) program. For myself, pursuing an advanced degree meant continuing along a journey that I never saw coming.

Truth be told, I never once considered education as a career path for myself until it happened. I explored coaching lacrosse at the collegiate level and even started my own business before ever setting foot on a lower school campus. My application reflected on this story of self-discovery and expressed my dreams for the future. Indeed, I looked forward to achieving two main goals throughout the course of completing my master’s degree:

  1. To leave a legacy
  2. To learn and understand the most efficient practices when teaching

To me, to leave a legacy means that you pass on something to future generations so that they continue to grow and learn from you well beyond your death. This can take place in the form of a physical artifact, such as a piece of art or essay written, but also through the life of someone else, as they pass on knowledge that you once shared with them. Ultimately, I’ve always known I want to have a lasting impact on this world, but I never knew how to go about that.

After dipping my toes in the world of physical education, I finally found a platform to do so. My goal of leaving a legacy while studying at MSU encompassed a lofty ambition, but one that could help me lay the groundwork for the future. While I certainly have not reached my goal of leaving a legacy, I can confidently say that the MAED program has provided me with a clearer outlook of how to go about impacting future generations.

The MAED program also helped me accomplish my second goal, to learn and understand the most efficient practices when teaching. As a part of the program, I chose to concentrate in two areas—Online Teaching and Learning, as well as Sport and Leadership Coaching. Each semester I was challenged by different methodologies and ways of thinking. I learned everything from how to build a course online to how to build an efficient sports practice. Each class helped me learn more about the art of teaching, but also helped open up my eyes to a variety of perspectives. Ultimately, I believe I achieved this second goal.

Looking forward, I hope to continue to pursue my first goal of leaving a legacy. Additionally, I think that my education and pursuit of new teaching and coaching methods should never stop. I look forward to keeping up with new trends but remembering lessons of the past. Ideally, I’d like to leave my mark on this world as a teacher and coach, but also as a mentor. Whether I change one life, or many lives, I believe I have the perfect platform to at least try. I As I said in my initial application:

They say a coach impacts more lives in one year than some do in one lifetime, and I believe it.

Here’s to hopefully 30+ years of teaching!

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