Assessment Design Checklist 3.0

Throughout this semester in CEP813 I have been working on my Assessment Design Checklist (ADC). This checklist allows me to be critical of current and future assessments. It is important to be critical because assessments have such an important role in teaching. Not only do they inform students of where they are in relation to where they wish to be, it also helps inform teachers with evidence of where their students are and perhaps where they need to spend more (or less!) time teaching.

In the initial phase of ADC 1.0, I really didn’t understand the importance of the checklist and assessment, for that matter. Traditionally speaking, there is not much assessment that goes on in the PE world, and as a student when I heard assessment I just thought “test” or “quiz”. As I really dug into the readings and re-read several of them, I began to see just how an assessment could transform a classroom. From the way students are actually involved in the learning process to how it informs the teacher just as much as the student. My second attempt, ADC 2.0, I thought really showed this depth of understanding. I worked hard to implement questions that would bring out the best in any assessment, for PE or not. Finally, I feel confident in releasing my final version, ADC 3.0. While not as many changes were made, I was able to tie the checklist back to my profession as a PE teacher. While I’m sure it provides some insight to my peers, it also continued to remind me as I wrote why this assignment was so important.

Finally, thinking about the process of ADC 1.0-3.0, I began to realize that this was, in fact, a form of assessment! As a student, I definitely gained more knowledge and understanding throughout this process than I ever could have simply by reading or submitting one version, taking a test, etc. There has been feedback both direct (on google sheet) but also very personal which made me feel more involved (screen cast). This has been an EXTREMELY enlightening assessment, one that I really feel has been a journey of growth!

Feel free to see the final version HERE or below (you must be signed into .msu email!):

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