Formative Assessment Design 1.0

In CEP813 Module 1, students were asked to examine forms of assessment and ultimately create their own that could help benefit their current work situation. Presently, I am a PE teacher for grades K-6, however, I also am a varsity lacrosse and golf coach. Coaching (and playing) lacrosse has always been a passion of mine, so I began thinking of ways I could assess some of my players. In my experience both as a player and a coach, there is rarely any kind of formal assessment. Players try-out every year, and ultimately grow tremendously throughout a season, but outside of the coach’s eye, there is little information for both the player and coach alike. Thus, I created my Lacrosse Peer-Assessment:


Lacrosse Peer Assessment

The purpose of this assessment has three main objectives- to assess on-field lacrosse skill, to evaluate coaching skills, and to gauge teamwork skills. The on-field skills are probably the easiest to understand: the better you are at things such as catching, passing, shooting, etc. the more likely you are to be a better lacrosse player. The evaluation of coaching helps players identify what might be important to learn and thus teach, but also forces them to break down skills to ensure that they have the fundamental understanding to teach other players. Finally, being in a group setting encourages a natural team dynamic which could highlight those who have skills to become natural team leaders on a larger stage (ie when the entire team is together).

The Lacrosse Peer-Assessment will have three steps:

  1. Divide into groups: Groups should be at most 5-6 players and should include a variety of skill levels.
  2. Create a schedule for each group to present their practice plan, and for each group to have a chance to observe and participate, similar to below:
    • Monday: Group A coaches, Groups B and C participate, Group D observes
    • Tuesday: Group B coaches, Groups C and D participate, Group A observes
    • Wednesday: Group C coaches, Groups D and A participate, Group B observes
    • Thursday: Group D coaches, Groups A and B participate, Group C observes
    • Friday: Discussions between group members and the entire team of thoughts on the assessment
  3. Complete evaluations throughout the week and discuss players thoughts of the process of assessing as well as their assessment from their peer.


Looking into the future, I believe my role during the actual assessment will strictly be to supervise and provide guidance when needed. Leading up to the assessment, I believe it will be necessary to review how I come up with my practice plans and make sure all players have an adequate understanding of coaching. Post-assessment, I believe I should take on the role of moderator during group discussions and evaluate what skills the coaches should focus on incorporating more into practice. One area I am not sure about is technology. While it would be nice to at least compile the data online at the very least, I am not sure it would be easy to access that on the field during the assessment (perhaps iPads with simple google forms).


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